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Re: [T3] advice - rebuilt t3 engines

<x-flowed>If your in Seattle than call Schafner Motors. They post motors on Samba all the time. They also do rebuilds and rstorations. They are in Lynnwood which is really close to you. Heres e-mail and phone # schaffner.motors@verizon.net 425-778-6900 talk to Rudi


Anniehum wrote:

on 12/16/03 12:21 PM, jason m. land at jmland@team-mango.org wrote:

i've got a '71 squareback that i have neglected horribly over the past
year.  it died in february and because i had no time or money, i haven't
done anything about it until now.  of course, the engine is now seized
up.  i'm at a loss for what makes the most sense on how to proceed, so
i'm seeking some clarity...

should i accept my losses (perhaps as punishment for my neglect) and
take what i can get for it for parts?  or should i look at dropping a
rebuilt engine in? or does anyone have any thoughts on this type of

also, does anyone have any recommendations for places to get rebuilt
engines?  i'm in seattle, so local would be nice, but not required.

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Not cheap but Sheffner Motors on 99 up around 217th has lots of squareback
parts and they do a lot of VW resto and engine work.  Bugaide is on 99 and
185th the shop there is good too.  Helmut Auto in Bremerton rebuilt my
engine for my 70' square 1600 cc.  They did a great job.  Not cheap though.
Good luck


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