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[T3] Weber carbs too rich?

Well this is an update on my previous message,  involving the random popping 
noises coming from my engine.

Jim mentioned that the aftermarket carbs have a tendancy to run rich.  Well I 
have the Weber 34's on this engine,  it does smell a little rich to me,  and as 
far as gas mileage I'm not sure as my odometer is non functional at this point 
and the fuel sending unit also doesn't read correctly.  So I have to "guess" at 
how much gas I have by shaking the car around etc.. but that's besides the 

I don't think its getting the mileage it should,  and I also had the feeling 
right off the bat that it's the carbs that need adjusting.  

Well the car runs fabulously otherwise,  it starts right up,  idles smoothly 
(although it seems to idle  a tad bit high,  I haven't hooked up my tach gauge 
to check yet),  and never gives any indication to being screwed up other than 
the popping noise!!!

Anyone know the general process behind adjusting the 34's,  that is leaning 
them out,  besides resorting to the Weber page?  The redline.com page does have 
some instructions on all the adjustments but they were sorta confusing!!

Well any suggestions would be great!!

69 square in Portland

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