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Re: [T3] ahhhhh right drive axle snapped off

On 16 Dec 2003 at 20:50, Corivus De Lan wrote:

> actually Jim is correct, okay I can do that it'll be interesting finding a
> place that has the replacement bolts, okay this might seem a little slow,
> but why should I unhook both?

I have good used hardware. You'll probably need to unhook both ends just to 
give yourself working room in there while you chase out the damaged threads on 
that side. When they go back together you really need to do this with the 
special driver bit on a torque wrench. The little hand L-wrenches are so small 
that you can never get them tight enough and you'll get a repeat performance.

> the left side has always worked and never came loose

It would still be foolish to not re torque them when you have this kind of 
failure staring you in the face. Re-torquing is a whole lot easier than 

> does anyone know if like lowes or home depot would sell the bolts or should
> I call somewhere to get the bolts ordered?  Also on another point I have a
> few wires loose on the bottom I noticed while taking a look at the damage
> one's a 3 pronged one and then 3 electrical clips.  I'm thinking maybe they
> had to do with the FI system but that was disconnected when the baby webbers
> were put in by a previous b/f of her's. 

The only way to get replacement bolts is from another VW or from a VW or Audi 

Where are these other wires? You'll need to give us some more details before we 
can give you answers.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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