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Re: [T3] ahhhhh right drive axle snapped off

actually Jim is correct, okay I can do that it'll be interesting finding a
place that has the replacement bolts, okay this might seem a little slow,
but why should I unhook both?

the left side has always worked and never came loose

apparently it's happened to the right side 3 times this is the 4th and the 3
times it was done it was done by my g/f's ex idiot boyfriend, who also did a
number on the electrical system to try and fit a stereo in it very ghetto
style, ah this has nothing to do with the drive axle

does anyone know if like lowes or home depot would sell the bolts or should
I call somewhere to get the bolts ordered?  Also on another point I have a
few wires loose on the bottom I noticed while taking a look at the damage
one's a 3 pronged one and then 3 electrical clips.  I'm thinking maybe they
had to do with the FI system but that was disconnected when the baby webbers
were put in by a previous b/f of her's.  (maybe a pair of solex's would be a
good christmas gift for her?)

ah thanks a bunch guys

Corivus De Lan
90 Kawasaki EX500 (stage 2 jet kit)
71 VW Squareback (needs lots of love)

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