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[T3] I think I'm selling my '65 Euro Variant (Squareback)

I am selling my 1965 European Specification Variant 1500 "N"
It is completely original!

All Original Body with Original Pearl White Paint...
**VERY** little rust (only a ring around headlights, at the triangle at the
top back of the front fenders and at the bottom back of the rear fenders.
Stone chips and such have been touched up over the years. Even the original
paint on the bottom of the rust-free pan. The front trunk paint inside is so
fresh and shiney you can see yourself in it.

Original Engine with Solex 32 PHN Single Carb...ran about a month ago.
Original Dash - uncracked and with all the original gauges
Original Cloth Seat interior - pinstripe european spec fabric and white
vinyl seats and door panels
Original Carpet - perfect...not a tear
Original Chrome bumbers (complete) with overriders

Everyone with VW knowledge that has seen it is surprised by how clean,
rust-free, and original it is...TRULY AND UNMOLESTED EXAMPLE.

I have decided to sell it and focus on my Ghia, Bug & Bus...I know, I
know...I'm sorry!
What should I ask for it?
Or should I part it out...the overrider bumbers are worth $300 each.

Thanks in advance for input...peace :)

Duane Miller
Bluffton (near Fort Wayne), Indiana

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