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Re: [T3] First one???

<x-flowed>As far as issues with machine work and tolerances go ..I personally looked over every nook and cranny of the case, the early issues were: oil pump clearances and distributor drive setting surface.
I am happy to report that these are no longer a issue.
I had my machinist give me the idea for the 6mm insert...we were try to figure this oil cooler thing out.....!pop! an idea.

With the amount of money these guys are spending on these motors I wanted to give them a 100% quality product..so that is why I scrapped the Idea of re-drilling the oil cooler [ and i think these guy are not going to treat them nice]

Also I forgot to mention this case weight in with 23 extra pounds! so yeah she will be a bit heavy..but this is because of all the extra material that was cast into the case..

Once we begin the 1915 we will be posting pictures on our website to follow the "build up"

I would recommend this case far and about the VW case..heck all this motor building is making me want to build a BIGGER motor for my fastback...hummm 2401 anyone??


Martin Magnia

The DDB, Portland OR

For all your T3 needs see us.

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