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[T3] First one???

<x-flowed>Hello all-

We have been busy here in rainy ol Portland.. And have come up with something not yet seen on the West coast.

We have been building motors for a few customers here (1776 and a 1915), but our supplier no longer carries the new VW cases. We have switched to the Autolina all aluminum cases.

We have contact a few very respectable machine shop's and builders here on the west coast, to find that no one has yet built a Type3 based motor using the new Case....So I was wondering if any of you had? And if so what did you build?

We had had a few small hick-ups that we car working to resolve...
The main issue we encounter is the stud in the case that the oil filter attaches to, in the new case it is a 8mm stud, the VW oil cooler is a 6mm hole. There were a few step studs floating around but low and behold they are not long enough to work.

We had thought about re-drilling the oil cooler to accept the large stud, but that was scrapped as the cooler may not seal correctly.

The fix is this ...we have found a small 6mm insert [heli-coil type] that will be inserted into the case and then the stock 6mm stud can be used.

I wanted to pass this along incase any of you were thinking about using this case.


Martin Magnia

The DDB, Portland OR


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