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Re: [T3] weber carb question and returning to the list

Bob=> You want both a left and right carb, ...

and throttle bodies, which will probably need rebushing, and 12V chokes
(rare in this country) ...

=> a balance pipe,

On the dual-port manifolds, a length of fuel hose will do. Don't forget the
phenol insulator between each manifold and throttle body, this is very
important on the short manifolds.

=> 2 large "O" rings for the air cleaner to seal with ...

These are actually square in cross-section, and easily available from the VW
catalogs. While you're at it get a balancing tool (Uni-syn or similar) and
you'll want to make an adapter for it. I use a 2" length of 2" PVC drain

=> 2 idle control solenoids (or passive jets) ...

Go with the passive jets, catalog items, waaaay cheaper, work fine.

=> linkage rods ...

Make sure these are complete in themselves: ball at each end, clip inside
the ball, locking nuts, reasonably straight and not cross-threaded (one end
is threaded left, the other right!). If the ends on the short ones are loose
or have been 'adjusted', plan on some trial-and-error to get them the right
length again.

=> a throttle linkage pivot

AKA the bellcrank. There's also the center stand for the air cleaner, the
wing nut for it, and the clamp for the balance pipe, if we're talking about
being complete.

=> don't think you'll find the carb type body to air
=> cleaner connector though.

The mixing box is nice, and I don't expect all *that* hard to find,
relatively speaking, but every Type 3 had either one of those or a plain
pipe in its place, so you should be able to find *something*. A length of
paper accordion hose will do in a pinch, but *don't* skip this connection!

The mixing box also has a nipple for the paper preheat hose that comes off
the #1 heat exchanger.

Fuel line splitter, yes, and a proper and well-functioning distributor will
make all the difference in performance, yes. Add a small vacuum line to the
distributor from the left carb. And if you've got a cheapo Brazilian Type 1
fuel pump on there, start shopping for a German Type 3 version.

Above all you'll need a manual that covers the carbs and, unless you're a
*really* amazing whiz, a tutor on how to tune them properly. Find an old guy
(over 50) who does Porsches for a living. It will cost a lot. Pay him.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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