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Re: [T3] weber carb question and returning to the list

> > I'm returning to the list after a few years
> absence
> Welcome back, Bryan.

It's good to be back.  Thanks.

> > Now on to my carb question.  Some background: 
> Still have the 73.  The
> > PO (or previous PO) had cobbled together a weber
> 32/36 DFAV that sits
> > on top of the engine that required a nice plywood
> box in the engine
> > cover. 
> That sounds like the tall center mount FI conversion
> carb that everyone agrees 
> doesn't work well. Your engine problems could just
> be due to too rich a mixture 
> all the time.
> You should look for a better alternative. Either a
> good dual carb installation 
> with the OE style dual carbs, or try to restore the
> FI. The FI parts CAN be had 
> second hand if you want them, and the price isn't
> all that different from 
> carbs, but there's a lot to learn about the FI if
> you want to try to reinstall 
> it on a car unless you're already familiar with it.
> Either way, there's a chance that you can find
> someone who has whichever WHOLE 
> setup you want so you can buy a package deal.
> -- 
> *******************************
> Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
> Madison, Wisconsin, USA
> *******************************

Thanks for the info, Jim.  Don't know if I ever
thanked you a few years back, but you diagnosed my
electrical problem when I was putting everything back
together after my rebuild.  I'm going to stop pricing
weber rebuild kits and start scouring the web for a
dual carb setup (the wiring is completely gutted for
FI).  Already have some leads on the SAMBA site. 
Thanks again.  

73 Square
Chicago, IL   

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