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Re: [T3] New rebuilt Bosch generator

--- Jim Adney <jadney@vwtype3.org> wrote:
> I think I've just finished finding out what was
> wrong with my mother-in-laws TV 
> set. It took me several hours and I had to buy the
> service lit on it for $10, 
> but I just grabbed a couple of capacitors which I
> think will solve the problem.
> Anyone "in their right mind" would have said, "It's
> 20 years old. Replace it."

I'm still finding it very difficult to steer away from
this type of thinking. Usually I figure if something
breaks it's an opportunity to snag the latest and
greatest whateveritis, although I usually buy one
product cycle behind the curve (computer stuff, video
stuff, etc)...

When I see all the "new" stuff available for the Type
1's, it makes me a little jealous that the Type 3's
dont have much new stuff available for them. And it's
hard for me to accept that a set of reconditioned
front calipers, for example, could be better than new

And I'm a bit worried that my "new used" auto
transmission mount will quickly go the way of my old
one (un-vulcanized), just by the nature of how it's
put together.

I'm trying though... After all, there's got to be a
reason these cars have lated thirty or more years,
when I know for sure that most of the cars on the road
today won't be around that long.


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