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Re: [T3] New rebuilt Bosch generator

on 12/15/03 12:56 PM, Jim Adney at jadney@vwtype3.org wrote:

> Oh, I guess THIS was my old generator. WHEW...!   ;-)

That's right Jim. On your generator, the wire running from one field to
another was unbroken; the only problem was the scorched armature.

>> Funny, in the old gen, the wire connecting the 2 fields was completely bare.
>> If this was pushed against the gen case, I'd imagine this would ground it to
>> ill effect, no?
> Correct, this would not be a good thing, but those wires are usually
> uninsulated and just carefully positioned so they don't touch anything.

On the new rebuilt ones, they are insulated, and very long. Long enough to
be able to go up against the armature windings and get eaten through. This
is the problem I just corrected on this my (let's see, 4th, good grief,

Next time I come up your way Keith, remind me to bring this original one
(jim's) up for you to check out.

I still have the 3rd one waiting to go back to get warranty credit. Still,
I'm thinking maybe I should just try to resolder the broken series wire and
keep it as a spare...

Then again, maybe I should return it so Bosch has a record of this defect.

Mike Wodkowski

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