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[T3] New rebuilt Bosch generator

Was looking at my Bentley last night to get the terminology correct.

What my problem was in the end, was that the wire that connected the two
fields in series was eaten through because it was pushed up against the
ARMATURE windings, which ate through the insulation and then the wire.

Interesting note, I opened my original generator to run the Bentley tests on
it, (and to see how they came apart) since Bentley mentioned that scorch
marks across the armature could be caused by grounded armature.

Funny, in the old gen, the wire connecting the 2 fields was completely bare.
If this was pushed against the gen case, I'd imagine this would ground it to
ill effect, no?

 Got no such reading. In fact, all the tests indicated that this generator
was fine, outside of the fact that the commutator needed to be undercut. And
the paper insulation around the field coils was ratty, but not eaten
completely through.  Oddly, the scorch/scratch marks were where the
undercutting was fine.

It also said that brush dust could do the same thing. And boy was that
generator dusty. Granted, it had been eating brushes up...

So I wonder whether my actual problem was my old VR grounding somehow,
causing the gen to arc, scorching the commutator, eating the brushes, and
the defective generator parts I was getting were coincidental to the actual

We'll see. I have a new Bosch VR in there, and a new Generator. I hate
replacing parts without knowing which one was really the problem.

Thanks for the help on this one folks.


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