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Re: [T3] type 3 alternators


Jim Adney wrote:

I'm sure we've been down this road before, but did this stereo actually draw 35 Amps when you were inside the car listening to it? That's a LOT of power for an enclosed space, and I didn't notice any hearing loss when we spoke last summer in Parma. ;-)

Two amplifiers that were fused with 30A and 50A fuses draw a lot of power on high volumes. And high volumes doesnt necesarily mean a loss of hearing. ;-) But I guess that I was drawing 20-30A nominal with these amps.

In addition to that I ran 55 watt low beams and 55 watt fog lamps on at all times (2 of each, of course), in addition to three 5 watt parking lights on each side front (one bulb in headlight, two in turn signal), dual taillights (5 watt bulb also in red rear turn signal) and the 10 watt license plate lights (2 bulbs), sums up to a bit over 24A in lights only, and that is without the instrument lights (I also have three extra instruments).

Then add the dash board fresh air fan, which was often running during fall and winter, the instrument lights, the power needed for a rev-counter, oil temp, press instruments, radio, amplifiers and power for the coil, and I'm way above 30A.Wipers are often needed as well And still, the Ebersp?cher is not included, as it's not working! The power consumption for the planned heated seats are not included either ;-)

So all in all, I start to wonder if the 50A alternator would be enough to handle all the power consumption I had in my 73 Square.

73 Variant L
70 Variant

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