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Re: [T3] 2110cc Pics

I mounted mine on the hanger... but there may be other good spots away from
the heat or the heated air.

> > One thing I may point out... having the full flow connected to the
> > part of the engine will transfer heat to where you dont want it, if this
> > mount is aluminum the problem will be really bad.
> You know,I didn't consider that!I may have to put that bracket in my
> "it's really cool but......" box.
> >
> > How did you tap into the oil system with 2 hoses right next to each
> > Berg and others go though hoops to pick off one of the lines from the
> > pump.... is this a special case or mod?

Sounds like you made for perhaps a neater setup with a little extra work.
Would there be a flow restriction problem having the oil make that extra 90
degree turn to head for the intake hole rather than out the  pump cover?  Im
always concerned with constriction with the full flow setups as mine has
unnervingly low oil pressure when the engine is idling after a trip in the


> The galley runs right through here towards the back(flywheel end) of the
> case here.
> After pulling the galley plug,I tapped straight in to the point just past
> where it turns
> down to the relief at the botom of the case.Used a plug to separate output
> of pump
> from entrance to relief.Tightened and slightly swaged plug.Also
> it.Spent
> some quality time beforehand sealing passages against ingress of aluminum
> chips.
> Worked -sort of.Spent more quality time cleaning the beejesus out it.
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