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[T3] A backfire sorta noise

Well my 69 Square,  which has a stock engine with Weber 34's,  both newer,  is
making a backfiring sorta noise.  It's not super loud backfire,  it kinda sounds
like somewhat taking a happer and hitting a piece of metal, not very hard,  but
loud enough that with that I can hear it.

I unable to discern where it is coming from, as far as the carbs or exhaust, 
but it happens pretty randomly.

Specifically,  it never happens on acceleration.  Sometimes it will happen when
I am going and I take my foot of the gas,  just pop pop,  and other times it
will actually do it when I am sitting still and idling.  It is not super
frequent,  but for example tonight I drove the car for about 30 minutes on the
freeway and in the city and I heard the sound once or twice whenever I wasn't

And it doesn't sound like anything is breaking,  I mean it doesn't sound
violent,  just a pop pop,  and I don't know where to look!!!

It is tuned up well, as far as perfectly  even idle (when it does pop pop at
idle it doesn't seem to affect the idle at all),  and it doesn't smell like it's
running rich or lean,  in fact I know the car was just in for complete tune up
before I bought it a month ago...

Just wondering if this is something that I should be overly concerned with,  any

69 Square Porland Or.

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