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Re: [T3] type 3 alternators

On 14 Dec 2003 at 9:32, Per Lindgren wrote:

> Jim Adney wrote:

> >You probably still don't. I still haven't seen anyone post any real 
> >measurements of what current they're actually using, and, to be fair, I've 
> >never made any such measurements myself. I have the tools to do that rather 
> >easily, so I really ought to do it sometime.

> I certainly needed one when I had my 73 running. I had a stereo system 
> that drew 35 amps, in addition I needed power to run lights (lights on 
> during daytime is mandatory here in Norway). I had to charge my battery 
> once a week.

I'm sure we've been down this road before, but did this stereo actually draw 35 
Amps when you were inside the car listening to it? That's a LOT of power for an 
enclosed space, and I didn't notice any hearing loss when we spoke last summer 
in Parma.  ;-)

Were you running the stereo a lot while parked?

> And if you look at it another way, why does my 87 Audi need a 65A 
> alternator? It certainly doesnt have much more electric equipment than a 
> type 3 has. The only power option on my car is heated seats.

The most likely reason is that it is probably the smallest alternator Audi 
supplied that year. It probably does have 4 headlights, so that's about 9 A 
more, and it might have a more powerful wiper motor, which might draw maybe 4-5 
A more.  

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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