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Re: [T3] Update: Front torsion arm thrust washers

>I seriously wouldnt use those red ones... they were far inferior in material
>makeup to the late silver ones. they tended to break up easily but if your
>careful with your car and keep things lubed you may be OK for a while.
>The silver ones are easy to get.

I've never seen the silver ones... Do you have part numbers for them, and do
they fit the earlier models?  What year did VW start using the silver ones?

>Those bearings were quite a find!  Congratulations!  I sold out of mine
>years ago and have had ALOT of people asking me for them.  Hopefully in the
>spring I can cut up some more rusty beams and have more available.  Be sure
>you dont use bad arms with those choice NOS bearings, it would ruin them

Definitely going to use good arms with the NOS bearings... Don't want to do
this again!

>Grease seals are simply an O ring on the upper arms... no need to search any
>farther than your hardware store.

The seals I removed are actually V-shaped in cross section with the VW part
number on them, It seems that an O-ring wouldn't be thick enough, is that
what you have used?  If so, what thickness O-ring did you use?

Thanks for the info!

Yancy Everhart
'66 361
'63 343

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