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Re: [T3] DIY Heater assist fan

This is similar to the idea VW used for that small part of 1969 when they
used the BA4 heater above the transmission on the Type 3.  A separate blower
motor was mounted in the engine compartment.  It drew air from the airbox at
the rear of the car then right after the fan split it into two hoses.  Each
connected to specially-equipped upper heat exchanger elbow.  In these was a
little 'door' that only let the air from the fan blow inside the car, not
backwards toward the engine (Do you suppose that it is possible that the
little fan had enough power to overpower the engine fan at low rpms???).
The normal heating system was used and when you wanted to add the BA4 heater
to the mix, it came on and so did the fan.  I would think that the little
doors in the elbows would then sit halfway open, allowing air to flow into
the car from the engine AND the extra fan.  In theory something similar
could be fabricated, routing air either from the rear airbox or from inside
the car to a fan in the engine compartment that hooked into the stock
heating system via the upper heat exchanger elbows.  I don't think those
little 'doors' in there would really be necessary.


69 Notch w/ BA4

> You are right; if you want to use one of these type 4 fans you have to
> air from inside the car and blow it through the heat exchangers (instead
> the engine fan) for it to be advantageous.

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