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Re: [T3] Side draft tool

Snap-on has stuff like this.  Although you may have to sell your car to
afford it!


Keith Park

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65 Squareback
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Sent: Friday, December 12, 2003 9:48 PM
Subject: [T3] Side draft tool

> Thanks to Chad hooking me up with this rare tool. Its for the lower nut on
> the T3 side draft Solex carb. For those who dont know, its a biznatch to
> the carb off the stock set-up with out one of these tools. I had always
> pulled off the entire manifold, which in its self is fun. Everrett has one
> and is different. Anyone out there able to shed some light on the
> manufacture? Looks like "Paltus" or "Laltus" or even "Jaltus" as the stamp
> manufacture. The number code is"P 217". Russ, Jim any clues? I would put
> up on the samba but some bozo posted porn and Everetts closed shop for a
> bit.
> http://images.andale.com/f2/115/106/2789089/1073283127040_MVC_001S.JPG
> jason
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