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Re: [T3] SP-2 air cleaner

on 14/12/2003 2:50 AM, Mark Seaton at mark.seaton2@ntlworld.com wrote:

> I found a Fish carb last weekend and am thinking of giving it a go as I'm
> still not happy with the twin carbs performance (mpg) so this may all be
> irrelevant, though if I go the single carb route I think I will definitely
> need some pre-heating to prevent the carb icing.
> I'm looking for something I could cobble together as a manifold for it if
> anyones got anything spare- FI manifold and air box, FI air cleaner, single
> carb manifold and cleaner? Something b*g?!?

I have seen a late squareback down here with a 32PHN sidedraft on it- the
owner reckoned it ran bad on dual carbs, you should have heard it running on
that! ;-)

Anyway, he used dual port beetle manifold ends and adapted a beetle centre
section to fit. With a bit of tuning it could have run alright, but I still
think there is a potential for better fuel mileage with dual carbs. Perhaps
this could be part of the problem, if the carbs aren't drawing cool air when
the engine is warm, then you probably won't get as good mileage.

Ben Doughney

'63 1200 - Ringo
'71 1600TL
'65 1500N - Val
'70 411L Variant


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