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Re: [T3] SP-2 air cleaner

  mark does it have a thin nut on it you can undo ! so that you move the
operating pushrod one way or another ? if it is like this and in the stone
cold position it is still in the draw cool air from outside world position
the little waxstat may well be toast!

take it all apart give it a damn good cleaning and do a hot water test on it
it may just need to be adjusted when you put it all back together default
should be drawing warm heat exchanger air when cold and soon as it warms up
the normal to outside opens.

it is a right royal pain to take of the air cleaner but can be done
thouroughly oil then wipe of any excess before you put it all back toghether

at the moment theres some real possibility of carb iceing here its damp and
cold perfect conditions dont seem to suffer with my twin dells on real
shorty manifolds mind  the airfilters are in my engine compartment so draw
warm air all the time one thing i am going to do is recreate a stoke style
central air box for my dell on a typ4 in a typ3 so in the summer i draw nice
cool outside air in as i do thing this is more important than people

i was thinking about makeing my airbox out of perspex funnily enough so i
could see if it gets a bit dirty in there at a glance just aother job id
like to do by the spring!

neil verdon.

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