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Re: [T3] SP-2 air cleaner

That looks like a regular late-model dual carb air cleaner. I've seen them
on 72-73 model cars.

They changed the air cooler periodically. It splits approx 64-67, 68-71 and
72-73 (don't quote me on this). The difference is the way that warm and cold
air was fed into them.

I think Mark Seaton sent a question yesterday asking whether anyone knows
how to adjust it's thermostatically controlled flap. I thought of sending in
a reply asking whether anyone on the list had actually ever seen one of
these before, but thought better of it in the end.


> While looking at the SP2 Alt pic I noticed the air cleaner right side is
> same width as the left side. Carbed US units are wider. The only time Ive
> seen the right with this small side is on 70s euro carbed T3 with the
> weighted flap intigrated in the intake snout. I have a air cleaner like
> pictured on the SP2 and have woundered where it came from. Does anyone
> have one of these Bazilian early type cleaners out there? I can only
> where the rest of the SP2 went that was attached to it.
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