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Re: [T3] GEN problem SOLVED! (I hope)

On 11 Dec 2003 at 1:07, Mike Wodkowski wrote:

> on 12/10/03 10:27 PM, Jim Adney at jadney@vwtype3.org wrote:
> > I'm tempted to find a resistor here that I can measure and send to you so we
> > can compare results. I suspect that your Ohmmeter isn't measuring quite right.
> I have a digital ohmmeter at my studio, I tend not to use it because it only
> takes a reading every quarter second, not sure how accurate it is either,
> but worth a measurement.

Why not give that a try first. If that doesn't settle the debate, then I can 
send you a selected resistor for comparison.

> By the way, the generator has a bosch sticker on it, came in a bosch box,
> has bosch instructions. Came from a guy who Keith referred to me, so he's
> reputable. So I'm going with it being a bosch.

Sounds Bosch to me. I had to ask because I think a lot of people just assume 
that it was rebuilt by Bosch because it was a Bosch generator.

> As for the black wire, I don't think it was bad luck so much as it was bad
> installation - the wire was right up against the windings. It was, however,
> my bad luck to get it. I'm definitely going to check the new one out Friday.
> I'm not doing much driving until then.

It probably needs to be there, because it comes out of that bundle. Or I don't 
have the right wire in mind.  

Yes, the thru-bolts are TIGHT! I usually have to get the generator in my vise 
and put a very large well fitting screwdriver in there to break them loose.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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