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Re: [T3] GEN problem SOLVED! (I hope)

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On 10 Dec 2003 at 12:44, Mike Wodkowski wrote:

> I got a new rebuilt Bosch generator.
> The resistance between DF and D+ on this gen is 0, not 3-4 as Jim said it
> should be. I measured it on Rx1 and triple checked it. The resistance is
> definitely 0
> Is this bad? 

I'll recheck what I get at home. The 3-4 Ohms was from memory. Does your 
Ohmmeter sit on zero when you short the leads together?

> Putting in new gen so I can take old one to shop and inspect it.
> Oh yeah, final note. Maybe it was the 2 weeks sitting in the cold, after
> having been run with only the battery, but when I got back from California, the
> battery was dead. It was reading 12v when I left. Nothing was left on, no signs
> of a short. Not a good sign though.Its getting too cold and wet to examine
> wiring...

12V is a bit low for just sitting. It should have been 12.5-12.8, so it may 
have already been a bit flat when you left it.

> So I pulled out the old new used Bosch rebuilt gen., installed the new new
> Bosch rebuilt gen, everything working just great.


> Upon inspection of the old one under fluorescent light I could see that the
> black wire that straddles the 2 thick red insulated cables was worn through
> its insulation because it was sloppily installed and rubbing against the
> field windings. A little more poking proved that it was BROKEN!

Not sure what all these colors are, unless the "thick red wires" are actually 
the long thru-bolts that hold the generator together. When Bosch rebuilds these 
they usually slip red insulating sleeves over these bolts, so they can't short 
out to something inside.

I'm guessing that the black wire is just one of the leads from the field coils, 
so it really has to run over to those coils. There should be 2 such wires, 1 to 
each connection stud. There are 2 more internally which are twisted together 
and soldered, to connect the 2 coils in series.

No matter what, a broken wire is a bad thing, and a good thing to find.

> To play it safe, I'll be RE-inspecting the new one I just installed to
> insure that that black wire is kept clear of the windings.

It will HAVE to run over to the windings, unless I'm thinking about the wrong 
wire, but there really aren't that many wires in there.

> Now if I could just figure out why theres a half inch of water in the
> driver's side footwell...I guess it means I did a good enough job sealing
> the passenger side that its travelling on over.

Did this get in while driving or just standing in the rain? Remember that the 
footwell is lowest in back, so you might want to pull up the back seat and 
sponge it out back there. While you're there, look for signs that the water has 
been coming in at the rear of the voltage regulator.

> By the way, my add-on Radio shack FM converter was on (doesn't have an
> indicator light.) That may have been enough to drain an already taxed
> battery.

Normally this would probably not do it in just 2 weeks, but I suspect your 
battery was already low.

> Bad news is, I'm getting a rep for being the guy who could get ahead in life
> if he wasn't always working on that car....
> But I'll be happily driving it again, at least.

And that makes the rest of us happy, too!  ;-)

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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