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[T3] GEN problem SOLVED! (I hope)

Woo hoo!

So I pulled out the old new used Bosch rebuilt gen., installed the new new
Bosch rebuilt gen, everything working just great.

Upon inspection of the old one under fluorescent light I could see that the
black wire that straddles the 2 thick red insulated cables was worn through
its insulation because it was sloppily installed and rubbing against the
field windings. A little more poking proved that it was BROKEN!

This is good news to me, since it hopefully points out that this problem
wasn't symptomatic of a larger problem like my DF wire having a mysterious
intermittent somewhere deep in the harness, or some weird thing with my
Voltage regulator. 

To play it safe, I'll be RE-inspecting the new one I just installed to
insure that that black wire is kept clear of the windings.

Now if I could just figure out why theres a half inch of water in the
driver's side footwell...I guess it means I did a good enough job sealing
the passenger side that its travelling on over.

By the way, my add-on Radio shack FM converter was on (doesn't have an
indicator light.) That may have been enough to drain an already taxed

Bad news is, I'm getting a rep for being the guy who could get ahead in life
if he wasn't always working on that car....

But I'll be happily driving it again, at least.

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