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Re: [T3] Rear Shocks Shock


Keep in mind that the previous shocks might have been wrong. If their bushing was a bit too short, the lower housing might have been bent a bit when the bolt was tightened.

I read what you did, and that may work, but I seem to recall that the shock should be centered on that bushing. If you care to, measure the length of the old bushing and I can do the same here and we can figure out which is right.
My old 72 rear subframe is sitting in my yard right now and I can easily measure the width of the opening where the shock fits. Of course we're supposed to get 5" of snow this afternoon, but that won't bother this measurement.

I also have the old shocks that came out of there (OE VW type 3) that I can measure.

Hi Jim,

I've done both now. It took FAR longer than it had any business to. The opening for the shock was approx 3.7cm wide.

The old shocks may indeed have been wrong because they were slightly shorter than the new ones. I had to lift the brake drum on a second jack to get the bolt out. When the bolt came out of one side of the housing, the brake drum dropped, as if it had been hanging on the shock absorber.

I cut off metal from both sides of the sleeve so it is more or less centered. One of the shock housings did show some evidence of having been bent (it was slightly narrower than the other) but the other one didn't look like it had.

Now that they're in, the rear of the car seems both higher and more level. Is this just wishful thinking on my part, or could the new shocks have this effect?


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