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Re: [T3] Paging dave hall..


My '71 Notch in AU has a pre cut hole on the left side of the tunnel for the
accelerator cable hanger (best I can describe it).  In order to cover this
hanger, there is a plate (similar to the right side of the car covering the
pedal assembly) with a slight rounded formation to cover the accelerator
cable hanger.  You can *just* see the rounded formation in:

I can take better pictures tonight of the assembly, the plates and the left
side if you want.

'71 Notch in Sydney

On 08/12/03 19:06, "quick_fasty" <Quick_fasty@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Dave-
> Or anyone else who might help-
> I am in Dire need of photos of a RHD pedal assembly, the time is here to cut
> into the pan and mount the pedals, but I want to be 100% sure of what it
> should look like.
> Also is there a cover plate for the left side of the tunnel?
> Was the hole pre-cut on that side and covered with a plate on RHD cars? or
> Was the tunnel untouched and smooth?
> I only have one line drawing to go by and it isnt the best.
> Any one in the UK ? AU? NZ?...
> Thanks-
> Martin
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