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RE: [T3] Late front fenders...

--- "Smith, Jason" <jason.smith@sarcom.com> wrote:
>>> And get this they are clementine orange just like
my Square, Bonus!<<<

That's awesome! Sounds like you made out! 

>>> I think I took one of the last rides of the season
in the Square yesterday.  She started right up after
sitting for about a month.  I'm going to miss her this
winter, but I don't want the salt monster to eat

The NE got dumped on this weekend. Unfortunately, I
hadn't gotten to the back lot to check on the Square
before the storm. Apparently, the wind had pulled the
cover off the front, over the car and to the driver's
side rear. It only stayed with the car because of the
cable connecting it underneath, which is now going up
and over the side of the car. I imagine that means
there is a substantial part of the cover under the

I had covered it up for the winter because I had that
leak on the driver's side rear and it had been nice
and dry for a week or so before I put the cover on it,
so the moisture under the deck cover was dried. I
thought I'd take care of the leak in the spring... Now
the car is covered with snow that is melting, the
cover is off the car, and the tie cable is half way up
the side of the car.

It's supposed to rain in another day or two, but the
weekend is supposed to be sunny. I guess this is a
lesson for me never to put off stuff like this, or at
least to check the car before each storm...

What's worse is I have a work project to finish up
this week so I'm here late every night. I am not going
to want to dig the car out at 11pm when I get home...


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