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RE: [T3] Tachometer

Neil said:
>A product is worth only what someone is willing to pay.
>You just have to market your product to the right person.
>Check out this auction:
That seems insane to me but, judging by the bidding history, it was reasonable
to at least 2 people.  It just takes 2 bidders for something to go crazy...

I think everyone has certain things they would pay more than reasonable
market value for.  I would pay a good amount for anything from these catalogs
if it has "Volkswagen Canada" printed on it:

Why?  Just because I want a neat "Volkswagen of Canada" display for my Canadian
Squareback.  Assuming I ever take it to a show.  ;)

A fellow VW enthusiast recently wrote this:
"If I find something I want and it's priced what I feel is high, I ask myself
'when will I see one again?' the answer is usually NEVER, so I'll buy it."

For unique items, I think it is worth it to pay.  I just try to pick up
other things at swap meets if I think they are undervalued.  It all evens
out in the end.

Everett Barnes

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