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RE: [T3] Late front fenders...

> >>Gotta pick up in Ohio though, hence the no bids...
> That's good for me! 
> Couple of Bids now, I'll have to decide if its worth the 
> money and time to drive to Hicksville (that's appropriate for 
> Ohio :) its about a 3hr drive from Columbus.  And I do need fenders.

Hello, everyone!  I haven't posted in a while, I'm having some problems
with my work email.  Anyway, I did not win this eBay auction (2 front
fenders) but the guy that did failed to pick them up.  I had sent the
seller a message that I would be interested if the winner did not show.
Lucky for me he didn't.  So I went to pick them up on Sat.  I almost
'died' on the trip up, I hit an icy bridge on the back roads of Ohio and
took a spin in the jetta, luckily I was the only one on the road ;-\  It
seems I made out pretty well, the fenders are very solid with just a
little surface rust! And cheap too, rare to have both here in the
midwest.  And get this they are clementine orange just like my Square,

I think I took one of the last rides of the season in the Square
yesterday.  She started right up after sitting for about a month.  I'm
going to miss her this winter, but I don't want the salt monster to eat
her.  But I guess I'll get cracking on the fenders, so they are ready
for the spring.

See ya.

Jason Smith
71 Square FI AT
Columbus, OH USA

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