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[T3] '71 fastback Project for sale

Hello everyone, 
I finally have gotten serious on selling my fastback.
I only wish I had the time and money to put into it,
but doesnt everyone? 

so heres the information for those of you who dont
'71 fastback 
entire floor pan por-15ed top and bottom
mostly primer as of now a litte bit of finishing work
i.e. a minor surface rust, the front apron needs to be
worked a little and the rear apron needs to be welded
I have all the doors, fenders, hood and decklid all in
good shape.
I have all the wiring 
Very nice front seats, if wanted you can have my white
vinyl seat covers (just the vinyl, front seats)
the rear seat needs to be recovered.  
I have every single nut and bolt that came off of this
car, in baggies and EVERYTHING labled. 

I have an engine but it needs some work
I also have an 003 automatic transmission Ive heard
the pans have the clutch cable tube so all you have to
do is get a manual tranny and install it.

If you only want the car itself let me know, I can
work with you and the price. I will take offers and I
will consider trades for a running fasty split window
or dirt bike, or even a really nice engine.
for everything I would like 800
the car is locatd in portland (tigard) oregon

ebay listing - 


pictures - http://home.comcast.net/~vwchic/

Heather Woltz
(503) 624-7867

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