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[T3] The Journey Begins

I started the '67 Sqbk on it's journey back to life.
I cleaned out the boxes stored inside it, cleared 
off the ones on top, cleaned out the trash that had
accumulated inside, and vacuumed out the interior
and engine area. 

The very good news, is that the engine will turn by
hand. Whew!

There is a lot of work to be done, but it must be
done this winter. My twin sons are learning to 
drive, and the Sqbk is the only stick shift in our
stable of vehicles. Besides one son thinks it's 
really cool, and will be helping me get it back to
running condition.

I'll post some pictures as I go, somewhere, and will
keep the list informed of what I need help with, but 
for now the plan is to check/clean the tank, replace 
all fuel lines, and get the engine running. 

The tires were worn way past legal limits when I
parked it 10 years ago, and sitting in the California
sun didn't do the side walls any good either. I was
hoping to find some useable cheap used tires, but
until I do, I'll use what I got and hope they don't
blow up. They are not popular tires anymore and I 
haven't found any used ones locally.

Once the engine is running (hope it's easy) I can get 
it out of the garage and move it around to work on it.
I was having significant overheating problems when I
parked it, but I suspect that the commute I was doing
then (and not now) was a major contributor.

It shares space in the garage now with my wife's car, 
and I have it on rollers to push it against the work
bench. I'll post images of that arrangement as well. 

BTW, in any future posts where I lambaste the PO, don't
forget that since I've had it since 1978, I'm the PO
I rail against. Yeah, I did some stupid things when I
was younger and ill informed.

Jeff  '67 Sqbk slowly creeping into the light

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