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Re: [T3] Aussie gauges

To Neil,

Had a look at the photos and they look like the ones in my (range) of Type
3s in the backyard.  I've only got one tacho in my Daily Driver '72 Notch
and it's the same as pictured (though a guy down here converted a clock into
a Tacho but said don't go past 5 o'clock.)  Speedo (Picture 1) yes, (Picture
2) close up of speedo as follows: parkers/running lights top left yellow
light, High beam top right blue light, and indicators for left and right
below (again both yellow lights).  You've made mention of a Fuel guage but
it's not in the photos below.  Some Speedo's had an overlayed (sticker) on
them for km/h not this one.   And you've been lucky enough to get one with a
trip meter.  Not all were like this.  My Notch doesn't have
this....yet....but I've got one sitting ready to go in.

To Ben Doughney,

I noted your response, I've only seen one or two km/h over here (Syndey,
Oz), but wasn't sure if there were available in NZ.

To Keith Park,

Our old mate Aaron would know but don't have his card. Thought he may have
sold you one. Have you heard from him lately?

'54 Oval
'69 Notchback
'70 Notchback
'70 Fastback
'70 Notchback (Auto)
'72 Notchback
'73 Squareback
'93 Galant V6

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From: "Neil" <neil@neil.us>
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Sent: Friday, December 05, 2003 5:35 AM
Subject: [T3] Aussie gauges

> I just got my VW Australia Tach and Speedo and was noticing some things
> about them.
> http://www.neil.us/type3/aussie/aussietach.jpg
> http://www.neil.us/type3/aussie/aussiespeedo-01.jpg
> The speedo has turn signal lights and headlight/high beam indicators on
> http://www.neil.us/type3/aussie/aussiespeedo-02.jpg
> So, did the fuel gauge have these on them like the rest of the world had?
> I've never seen an aussie fuel/combo gauge, so I don't know. Also, is the
> aussie clock the same font and style as these two gauges?
> On another note, here's a picture of my back yard:
> http://www.neil.us/type3/collection.jpg
> All that's missing is the '69 Square. I haven't had time to go pick it up
> from my friends house. Time to start weeding the bad ones out and
> introducing them to Mr. Torch or Mr. Plasma Cutter.
> Neil
> '65 Notchback
> '65 Squareback
> '69 Squareback
> '70 Fastback
> '70 Squareback
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> '72 Notchback
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