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RE: [T3] '67 Ignition switch problems

Next problem on the electrical part.  Please see updated pictures as of this
morning on:


The one thing that was sacrificed in this whole deal was that I accidentally
broke one of the little tangs that hold the electrical cap in the end of the
assembly.  There is a kind of hooked fitting and two pieces of metal that
crimped inwards to hold the cap in and on.  I broke the hooked fitting (one
of the crimped pieces will be onto JB-weld that I will add because the cap
got cooked there so not even those are very good), so it may be able to stay
with only the two crimped pieces, but I'm wondering if anyone has any
suggestions on how to hold the electrical end cap on.

I thought about just JB-welding the whole deal (not electrically conductive,
right?) into the end.  That would make it a bear to remove next time.
Hopefully there never will be a next time.  The fit is really tight around
the outside of the assembly, so it makes it much harder to come up with a
good way to keep it in there.

One other option might be to make my own crimped pieces by cutting a little
notch in the housing so I can fold a little piece down to hold the cap on.
I hate to do this, though, because it will "irreversibly alter" (two words I
don't like when they have to do with Stanley) my ignition assembly.


'67 Square, Stanley

Daniel M. Hoopes
652 South 1050 East
Orem, UT 84097

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