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RE: [T3] Tachometer

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From: Everett Barnes [mailto:everettb@thesamba.com]
>>It's currently at $350 and the reserve price hasn't been met... give me
>a #$%#@ break!
>I always laugh when I hear people say "I should start making X, I could
>clean up".  Go do it or STFU.

THANK YOU Everett! I too have to laugh at the people who say that. Just the
past summer I had several comments about a tach I bought on eBay from Lee
Hedges. Like this: "WOW!!  $150 for a broken universal peice of junk tach!"
A product is worth only what someone is willing to pay. I've seen Bryan Fye
put his Notchster up for sale several times asking in excess of $10K. To me,
it's not worth near that, but to someone else, it may be. I make my living
on eBay. I've learned what key words will get something up there in price.
You just have to market your product to the right person. Keith knows who
will buy restored radios. He doesn't market them to me because I would never
buy one.

Check out this auction:
Did I rip the guy off? My starting bid on this auction was $1.00. If only
one person would have bid, I would have sold it for $1.00. It only sold for
$177.51 because the BUYER was willing to pay that much. I do have to admit
that it suprised me. Previously, the most I had ever sold that issue for was
$80.00. I purchased that magazine, and 15 others (the 1st 16 issues of Hot
VWs) this summer at the VW Classic for $150. I had a person there tell me
that I was dumb to do that. If you look at my closed auctions, you'll see
that those 16 issues brought me over $470. I was able to market them to the
right people. I did not rip any one off because they only paid what they
were willing to pay. I did not ask them to pay any more.

I guess I got a little carried away, but it's one of my pet peeves. eBay is
just a new type of "Swap Meet". Same items, but most of the time the prices
are lower that I used to pay at a swap meet. If you don't want it, then
don't bid on it. If someone wins an item, it's because it was worth at least
that much money to them.

(5 Gossen's, 2 Weigand's, 2 VDO's)

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