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Re: [T3] '67 Ignition switch problems

Oh its in there... deepest part, not obvious how to get to.  Its a little
spring, about half diameter of the switch housing and the tang breaks off.
Just been too long to remember exactly how to get to it but I recall the pin
was hidden too, or hard to get out or something.

As I remember I would have fixed this early spring of 2002 or 2001,
hopefully this will narrow down the search.


> I searched the archives for "spring; key; ignition; switch" and some
> variations on those, but couldn't find anything helpful.  All I found were
> other people saying they had the same problem and a couple of references
> it being impossible and to give up!  I wonder if this spring has *ever*
> seen and if it is even a spring at all.  Maybe it was just a piece of
> or something.  The location that everyone keeps mentioning (in the deepest
> darkest part of the assembly, after removing a ping) seems ok, but there
> nowhere a spring could be places where it would not fall out immediately.
> Maybe I'll just rig something up, but those German engineers were better
> than me and I want to see what they were thinking (!).

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