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[T3] I'm back, and, of course a question!!

Hello,  I was a member a few years back in Pennsylvania when I had a 70 square,
 and now here I am in Portland,  after owning a 72 Bus,  a 70 Volvo,  a 66
Datsun pickup,  and 66 Ford FAlcon van,  now I have found the Squareback I have
been always looking for!!!

But here's the scoop:  when I turn the key to the "on" position,  the two lights
(oil and Gen) DON't go on!!!  

However,  when the car is started and running they are both ON!!!  And sometimes
they will flicker or get brighter or dimmer as a drive,  but ultimately they
stay on the whole time,  until I put the turn signal on and the "oil" light will
flicker in time with the blinker!!!

What gives?  Cosulting Muir and Bentley both proved unhelpful for once....

Also, two other minor questions:  First off, how is my engine timed,  it being
the stock engine but with two new Weber 34's on it?  I know about the
Redline.com site but they don't cover timing....

And finally, for those in Portland,  what are good resources here for used/new
Bosch parts?   I like used stuff.  And I do almost all of my own work,  but are
there good honest VW mechanics here,  if I need to have someone diagnose
something for me? 

Well ultimately I am very anxious to fix this electrical problem of mine, as I
hate to drive the car at all with these not functioning properly, I suppose Muir
has trained me well!!!!  

By the the way the car runs and drives fabulously,  and is multicolored to boot,
 with a beautiful roof rack!!!

Very excited!!!

Mark in Portland

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