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RE: [T3] '67 Ignition switch problems



again for some more annotated pics I just barely put up.

Looking at my new pics, you'll notice that I pushed the pic out that Everett
mentions below, but I still don't see anywhere a spring would go.  Anyone
ever seen a beetle or other cylinder that has anything to do with this that
might give me some avenues to go down.  For example, if anyone ever saw that
a "return to run position" spring was kept in the keyed lock cylinder part,
then I might have to do some drilling, but I don't want to go that route
unless that's actually something VW did.

So, if I'm understanding right, I should be able to use the continuity
selection on my multimeter and place one probe on the 30 wire.  Then, when
it is in the first (run) position, if I put it on the 15/54 wire I should
get continuity, but NOT get continuity on the 50 wire.

Then, when I turn the key to the "start" position, keeping one probe on the
30 wire, I should get continuity on the 50 wire and NOT get continuity on
the 15/54 wire.  Is that right?


'67 Square, Stanley
if you want to see some pics of Stanley, I just barely put them up on

Daniel M. Hoopes
652 South 1050 East
Orem, UT 84097

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From: Everett Barnes [mailto:everettb@thesamba.com]
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In http://www.hoopes.net/dan/square/images/middlemed.jpg the little circular
pin seen near the bottom right is removable (see attached pic w/arrow),
perhaps this will reveal more information about the return spring?  You
can tell I don't know for sure.

I'm never removed the pin though, I think it is usually drilled out?  A
locksmith would know...

30 is the incoming power  (red in your picture I believe)
15/54 is the key on position  (thinner wire)
50 is the start position (red/black)
They have little numbers by the connections, right?

- Everett

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