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[T3] Car Abuse

This weekend I am sorry to say that I was abusing my car . on Saturday after 
attending church functions , I gave rides to many people , I had 10 people in 
the car and three outside, one on the roof and two on the rear bumper , being 
Rural Mexico the road is a bumpy rocky , dirt mud road with no gravel , I went for 
5 miles like that to get into the big part of town , we had to go around an SUV that was flipped over 
and blocking the road , so we had to go to the side on some mud and found that the mudpond 
was full of small boulders, everyone got off except for a scared to get dirty girl , the car was suck 
on concrete blocks and foot square blocks , the girl reported to me that the floor was moving 
up at every bump , the squareback got out of the horrible mess finally under it's own power 
as people watched and cheered , no wonder no one was going around the accident . 
 I was told that the water was deep and that the bumpers could not be seen , 
thank God the car survived that mess.  our destiny was a birthday party
for a 27 year old girl. I let my teenage friends joy ride in my car while I danced at the party .
After the party, 3 am  , I drove the squareback to a dance club in downtown 
Tijuana with 5 people , since I could not see I backed up into an I beam and bent my bumper 
and dented the body on one side of the bumper , that did hurt , 

Well I will get the car bodyworked and painted next year .
I still need to change those wrong spark plugs and get my 2 liter sump tightened , the car 
leaks pretty bad , too many boulders my engine rolled on . 

That was one of the evilest things I have done to my car , I guess being newly single is 
torture for my car , I guess I will reinforce my bumper and jack up the car more  so it 
can survive , now once I get the plugs replaced I guess I could lug up steep hills on the highway 
at high speeds without melting anything I hope.


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