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Re: [T3] poor emissions new update


From: Jim Adney
How does the car
run when you drive it? Does it miss at all?

the car runs great. sometimes I get a little hesitation upon firt acceleration, when taking off from a light and such. otherwise the car runs just fine. and by the way, the fuel injector I replaced is a correct bosch

sparkplugs gapped fine, all had a hard black soot on them, and the number 4 had a thick dark-brownish soot on the part that hangs over the center (I donât know my spark plug parts). i know it is burning oil (more on this problem later) all the SP wires measure ~1000 ohm. and the rotor measured 4300 ohm (I think).

Change the oil, including the oil in the air cleaner.

changed the oil, nothing amiss, but a little sludge on the sump plate.
changed the oil in the air cleaner, cleaned it out with a rag and replced it with 10w40, you fill it just to the bottom lip right?
i did not have any sae30. this may have been a mistake.
Check the valve lash. Set them to .004 for intakes and .006 for exhausts.

valves were all a little tight so i adjusted them per bently. after i got it all checked i drove it around. i thoght i noticed a little more valve clatter then normal. so i let it sit over night and checked them again. all fine. but i can turn the engine over by pulling on the generator belt to get to the next cyclinder. is this a sign of poor compression? it was tough but i could do it. i do not have a compression tester so i do not know where they are at.

perhaps the valve clatter is because they are a little wider lash now. but it sound a little too loud. i plan on getting out the stethiscope and see if it is uniform around the engine tonight. but this may be a problem... i went out to time it today, still valve clatter and now it ismoking! alot! i knew it is burning oil but that usually goes away after a minute or so. this kept smoking and billowed smoke when accelerting. it was kind of alarming. could it be suking in the new oil from the air cleaner, since it is not the right grade? or could this be something else wrong since i have this valve noise, but all are adjusted fine?

when the burning oil is solved, i will have it retested and post the results once nad forall. if it does not pass, rebuild time.

thanks for the help guys.


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