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Re: [T3] Brake Caliper Compability

On 29 Nov 2002, at 10:59, Keith Park wrote:

> There were 2 different master  cylinders avail back in the 80's anyway...
> one for the early calipers and one for the late, I could SWEAR there was a
> difference.  I remember switching my calipers to the late ones when I got my
> square in 88... and I had a low pedal, low but firm and consistant, and this was
> with everything adjusted properly.  I then put a new late master on it and all
> was well.

All the type 3 MCs were 3/4" (19.05mm) from AT LEAST as far back as 67. 
This covers ALL the tandem MCs. From 67 to 73 there were at least 4 MC 
versions, but the differences were all related to stroke, outlet positions and 
drillings. There were also MCs made by FAG and ATe, but they were 
installed interchangably in some years; they had different internal parts, but 
were otherwise interchangable. In the end they were all superceeded into the 
last one, which was introduced in 72 or 73 and made by Ate.

I believe the stroke changes were done to make sure that there would be 
enough pedal left in case of a brake circuit failure. In normal operation they 
all worked exactly alike.

I'm pretty sure that all the early simplex MCs were 3/4", too, but I'm really 
not as familiar with those. I know that they played a bit with the rear wheel 
cylinder dia on some of the early years. I think that's the only hydraulically 
important dimension that ever changed.

> Maybe I had a problem with the old master but I tried a couple...

Hard to say now, but it really wasn't a MC compatability problem.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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