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Re: [T3] FI for the DYI

That is exactly what is going on my 2.0 turbo type 4 engine for my square
:-) I have it sitting beside my 'puter right now (I haven't got the engine
to fit it to yet :-)

I've been on the yahoo group for quite some time now, and am learning a lot.
Sometimes I even contribute! Wow!

The system is fully programmable, and quite easy to do. If you're
technically minded you'll have no trouble. If you're an idiot, then you will
probably still get it up and running with a bit more work. It's almost

The group buy is closed at the moment, but it will re-open in a week or so
to sell off any unpaid-for kits. If you want one you have to be quick,
otherwise it may be 6 months or a year even - no-one really knows :-)

There are a few Type 3ers and other VW nuts who have purchased, or are on
the list. I think there are two type 4 engines running on the system (that I
know of). Some of the VW MegaSquirters are highly respected VW afficionados,
and are investigating the system for use on the VW motors (I'm not sure what
they think yet, or if they've published their judgements or not, so I'll
refrain from posting names).

I haven't had an engine running on it or not, but Iit looked like an
interesting project - even just as a learning experience... so I ordered
one. Then I figured the type 4 motor for my square is the perfect
candidate... then it was suggested I fit a turbo... I may as well make use
of the injection. I can make the square a bit of a toy now as I still have a
company car (which is due for replacement - I may try for a new VW :-).

Allan :-)

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Subject: [T3] FI for the DYI

Hey all. I'm sure that most of us know that fuel injection is the most
efficient way to deliver fuel. But, the problem for us darksiders is that
with a high performance engine, the stock fuel injection just won't work. I
think I've found an interesting site that may help. Take a look:


Has this idea been discussed here before? I know that that alternate Bosch
fuel injection systems have been talked about, but what if we could build
our own electronic fuel injection system for a beefy engine?


Phillip Bradfield

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