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Re: [T3] Carb adjustment

Hi all,

I think I've found to the problem, and it's the opposite of what I
originally thought.

Apparently it was running too rich. Not only is this consistent with the
idle speed going up and down, this was apparently the reason that it was
conking out when I put it into gear.

When the volume controls are screwed out approx 1.5 turns, then it will hold
idle in gear. At the moment it is still a little bit rough in gear, and a
little bit fast in neutral, but it's much better than it was.

I think for the final tweak it would be best to set the volume screws while
the car is in gear, and just turn them slightly one way or the other till
the idle smoothes out. Then I can probably set the throttle stops to the
correct idle speed in neutral. The only problem is I can't do this on my own
because someone needs to hold the brake.

Maybe someone who understands these things can explain why a too-rich
mixture would make it conk out when the idles drops when putting it into

Daniel Baum
1969 Type 34 automatic

> Try adding a tad bit of richness (1/4 to 1/2 turn)to your idle circuit
> before setting the throttle stop position to get your 950rpm.
> ---
> Nathan
> '62 Notch
> '57 Bug

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