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Re: [T3] [T3]กกก Copy Any DVD with a C D Burn er_กกก______ __________________ ________

Hiya Ben!

A 486 is fine, but I'll need a bit more grunt for the MP3's and movies :-) I
can fit a 14 there, with a bit of fiddling and offset a bit to the passenger
side. Hopefully the screen will be right in the radio slot - high enough to
not interefere with my legs (I have the seat right back anyway).

Do you happen to know if I can interface a PC DVD player to a laptop? If not
I will just have to "make backups" of my DVDs on VCD and use them (I really
do buy my DVD's, so I imagine a VCD as a backup used in the car is not

Hehehe... I just got back from a trip down the beach on the West coast, over
Dargaville way. We took my mate Mats Beach Buggy :-)Onto the beach, drive
along for 30 miles, play in the sand dunes (bog it down to the axles once
too) then 30 miles back down the beach with a bit of playng in the mud, and
then 45 minutes back home :-) Great fun!

Allan :-)

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on 23/11/2002 10:17 PM, Allan Williams at allanw@ihug.co.nz wrote:

> A CRT monitor uses as much as 10X the power of a LCD, so I think the
> is the way to go. To get an LCD panel, and make up a controller costs more
> than buying a new LCD panel monitor and using the VGA port! I want it to
> cheapish!

You could use an old Compaq Contura 486, they had very small colour screens
(about 10") so that should fit in the dash all right. Also the LTE series
had smaller screens as well. What are the requirements of the engine
management software?

Ben Doughney

'75 1200L
'63 1200 - Ringo
'71 1600TL


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