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Re: [T3] drive a type 3 around the world!

On 23 Nov 2002, at 17:15, gregm@vwtype3.org wrote:

> Aside from patience, or driving around the world on this 
> speedo, ;) does anyone have any suggestions?  I recall 
> that it's a risky business to take apart the odometer and 
> try to get it back together nicely.  Oh, this unit is 
> January 1962, if that matters.

Think how long it would take you to do this on the test track, then figure 
about half that time because you can run it faster. You're right, this is not a 
practical approach. I'd also be worried about damaging some little internal 
odometer part from the increased speed as well as the simple accumulated 

It's not even easy to do this if you take it apart. I can do it in the course of an 
odometer repair, but with a good odometer, I have to take apart the parts that 
are weak to do this, and I would hesitate to do it on a good working unit 
where there is lots to lose.  

If you took it apart and bypassed the step down gearing you could speed up 
the process a lot, but you would have to be VERY careful. If you ran it too 
fast and something caught, you would end up with a small handful of broken  
odometer parts.  

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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