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Re: [T3] Wiper blades & refills.

Well, I start with W?rth on Wednesday... so I'll be usind them from now on
:-) I'm not sure who makes them. I had a 96 Aussie Camry (not my fault -
company car) and it had cheap FLAPS blades on - they usually lasted about 6
months per set. The Subaru it was replaced with had a set of expensive ones
fitted (about 5 times the cost) and they have been on ther for 5 years now!

I think the decent quality brands are worth the extra expense - the added
life is incredible!

Allan :-)

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Subject: [T3] Wiper blades & refills.

Quick survey and then a question,

What type of blades and refills do you guys use?

I think Bosch and I know Anco make the 12" (?) blades, but do they make

When I bought the car, it had (which look to be pretty old) Anco blades (all
metal w/ a type of deflector on them), they look real nice and more stock I
suppose, but don't work too well. So I bought new blades that are supposed
to work. But the little plastic retaining
piece that snaps and holds the balde to the arm was too big, so I had to
file it down some, and it worked and wow what  a difference.

But the passenger side blade parks to far down, and hits the bottom of the
winshield and seal. Can I just loosen up the nut that holds the arm and
adjust it this way?


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