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[T3] Any Portland's....

Just a quick note for anyone in the Portland OR area:

The DDB will be having the last meeting of the year this Saturday the 24th
at 1:00pm  to wrap up the year 2002!

The meeting will be at Adam's place, and some of you may know Adam is quite
the cook (he is a professional chef) and kept us well feed during our stay
in Parma. 
Of course he is cooking up treats for all, if you are interested in coming
to play ,please do!

As a side note next year we have some great cars coming together for next

Here is the info if you can make it:
Adam J. Zwerling
10325 SW Meadow St.
Tigard, OR 97223

Take 217 to Greenburg Road/Washington Square exit.  Go west towards the 76
station, and get in the right lane. the road curves around to Tiedman/North
Dakota intersection, take a right and stay to the left since the road
immediately splits. Go over the railroad track and you come to a stop sign.
You should be at the cross roads of Tiedman and Tigard St.  Go straight  and
about 500 yards down on the left is Meadow St. Take a left into the
cul-de-sac. the house is blue and is located at the 7 o'clock position of
the cul-de-sac as you drive down the street.

Thanks all have a good weekend...
Martin Magnia

DDB Portland

69 fasty w/ragtop and a 2.0 liter
63 Notch bone stock and staying that way!

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