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Re: [T3] Darksider Automatics

Hi Jim and All:

Yes many of us do like the older cars for the interiors, chrome trim, smaller lights and rounded front trunk lid.  The later I.R.S. cars handle better. Fuel Injection isn't bad either up to 1800cc. I've used type 4 injectors when building a stroker.  With a stick does the clutch slip when the Flywheel seal is leaking?  I don't know myself.  Both my cars are Automatics, Not by choice.  I drive hand controls, a clutch pedal is a possability. I've had sticks when I lived in Maine.  The VW with a clutch pedal wouldn't leave a place for my left foot.           Bob   73' Square & 69' Fasty w/sunroof

>From: Jim Adney

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>Subject: Re: [T3] Darksider
>Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 06:45:20 -0600
>On 20 Nov 2002, at 22:23, Aaron Clow wrote:
> > I hope no one's getting impatient with me, asking so many questions when I
> > don't even have my aircooled VW yet, but from where does the "darksider"
> > reference originate?
>Star Wars, of course, for those who like to see themselves as non-
> > I'm wondering why people like certain year type 3's
> > and the advantages of getting an earlier or later
> > model, whether or not anyone has A/C, whether or not
> > people prefer FI... Also, I know I have always
> > preferred manual transmissions, but it seems like an
> > awful lot of people on the list have automatics... by
> > choice or by circumstance?
>Certain improvements were introduced in certain years. Dual carbs in 64,
>front disk brakes in 66, 12V in 67, FI in 68, AT in 68 (but only in 69 for the
>US,) IRS in 69 (and also in the 68 AT,) to name a few.
>AC was was always dealer installed, or later. Some people want it for its
>novelty or because they live in hot climates, but it's very hard on the engines
>and the cars were never designed with the AC in mind, so there are lots of
>Like you, I prefer the MT cars, but lots of these came with AT, especially in
>the US. Dave Hall has the theory that these cars tended to be bought by
>older wealthier people who eventually left them in the garage, and they are
>just becoming available as those original owners die, while MT cars were
>bought and driven and worn out. Thus there seem to be a lot more AT cars
>available today. Several have come my way and they have served very well.
>The AT seems to be very durable.
> > And one more while I'm at it... Are there a lot of people on the list with
> > type 4 engines in their type 3's?
>Let's just say several.
> > Last time I bought a VW aircooled I was not informed in the least and bought
> > on emotion... That won't happen this time... Well, maybe at least it will be
> > a healthier balance anyway. :)
>Your intensions are good, but I'm afraid that this list wouldn't exist, and none
>of us would drive these cars, if it weren't for emotions.
>Jim Adney
>Madison, WI 53711-3054
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