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Re: [T3] Car shopping

AaronC=> the advantages of getting an earlier or later
=> model, ...

Welcome to the list.

I like my '66 for the disk brakes, larger engine and larger cabin-heat
system over earlier models. I once had an early Square, and I prefer that
body style over the later one (although that would be a liability in a
resto, as early bod parts are harder to find). I've often thought that the
optimum choice would be a '69 for the IRS and early body.

There are a lot of questions about automatics here because a) almost all of
the later Type 3s sold in the US were automatics, b) more later cars
survive, and c) there's less general knowledge about automatics. Same goes
for fuel injection.

In making your choice, I'd counsel you to buy absolutely the most solid body
you can find -- accept no rust and minimum dings. The less body and interior
restoration you have to do, the more money you'll save, you can trust that.
Plan on redoing the mechanical stuff anyway -- engine, brakes, suspension --
since these cars are so old, and save up for new rubber, because if a car
has no rust, it's a good bet it's been baking in the Southwest. If you live
in the Rust Belt, shop away from home for a car, it's still worth it.

In terms of performance, I'm very happy with my lightly modified stock
configuration. It's not a dragster, but it cruises quite happily at 85 on
the freeway, and I'm not at all concerned about doing cross-country trips in
any weather.

Steven Ayres, Prescott AZ
'66 KG1600

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