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Re: [T3] lowed spindles... now caster debate

On 18 Nov 2002, at 22:16, Brian wrote:

> i know that my ghia and my bug did not like 
> lowering without adding caster, but the type 3s just haven't had the 
> negative effect... no pun intended!

I have no idea why caster problems are worse with beetles than with type 3s. 
Perhaps beetles start out with less, so they run into problems sooner. We 
should be able to just look this up in the Bentley manual.

Personally, I suspect that caster isn't all that important, so that values close 
to zero, either negative or positive, are still okay, AS LONG AS the rest of 
the alignment is good and the suspension parts are tight.

Camber & toe-in, OTOH, are very important, and I suspect that some of the 
problems that other people have reported are due to problems with these. 
The values that each of these should be set to are interrelated, and most 
people don't realize this. The times I have run into problems with lateral 
stability were either with overinflated front tires, or mismatched camber & toe-

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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